The Arabic Games Conference which is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed by Arab creators in the Arab world is set to return for its third year in November.

The event which was born out of the embers of the pandemic has grown to be an essential part of the Arabic games industry event calendar. Despite its focus on the Middle East, it does highlight a lot of the talents from North Africa and features developers and speakers from the region.

Arabic Games 2021 had 50-50 women/men ratio for speakers and mentors, and they aim to maintain that
percentage within a 10% margin for all of their initiatives.

The conference will be held over two days, with the first day being hybrid. Anyone in Egypt can attend in person, while those not in the country can join online.
For those in attendance in Egypt, they’ll be able to:
Meet other developers from the country, get a chance to socialize, talk about the games they’ve made, and maybe even meet your future team members! Notable Participants: Tamatem Games, Babil Games, Ubisoft, and 8-Bit.

For those who missed last years event, feel free to check out some takeaways from the 2021 edition.

Registration to Arabic Game Conference 2022 is now open with the event scheduled to take place on the 4th and 5th of November.