How are new releases on Steam performing?

The PC platform of choice for many – Steam has offered a deep dive into the performance of new releases of over the years. According to their analysis, it presents a mostly rosy outlook for new game launches, but fails to show a correlation between games supported with features as well as a regional segmentation. It’s still a fascinating read.

Abubakar Salim spearheads new studio

Voice of Bayek from Assassins Creed: Origins and acclaimed Kenyan-British actor Abubakar Salim has made a move into the games industry as CEO and founder of Silver Rain Games. Alongside his plans to star as Father in Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves television series this year, Abubakar Salim will be creating and directing a new…

Casablanca Gaming Expo postponed

With the world in the throes of a Covid-19 pandemic, its virility has begun to have an impact on the continents calendar of gaming activities. One such major victim is the Casablanca Gaming Expo which has been postponed indefinitely.

The Great Divide – Nick Hall

Nick Hall is a seasoned veteran of the South African games industry. He has been a legal counsel for the majority of game development companies in South Africa as well as the founder of Playtopia/Make Games Africa. Here is an extended interview offering his insights on The Great Divide.

The Great Divide – Sithe Ncube

Sithe Ncube is a community organizer, developer as well as an active member of the African game development scene. She is also the founder of Prosearium (an initiative that aims to shine the spotlight and female developed games). Here is an extended interview offering her insights on The Great Divide.

The underestimated power of HTML5 Gaming

The following entry is a guest post from Ahmed Mohamed Maawy, one half of the driving force behind the ‘Koozooker Labs’ initiative, a platform designed to inspire collaborative game development across the continent. Read his thoughts on the joys of HTML5.