There are numerous publishers all around who are consistently on the lookout for a wide arrary of content from developers from emerging nations. This is but a handful of some of those who have shown a propencity to spotlight and support developers from the continent. For those wishing to go the self publishing route, there also exist traders / distributors who can help a developer navigate the increasingly many and convoluted sales and distribution channels.

Carry1st – The premier publisher of mobile game titles across the continent. The South African based company has raised significant funds to bolster its position as the publisher of choice for developers wishing to gain a foothold in the casual mobile gaming market.

Avid.Ly is a mobile game publishing company avidly pursuing new challenges in mobile gaming. With 150+ titles released, they specialize in worldwide publishing (China included), cost-effective user-acquisition, and LTV-oriented monetization with a focus on casual games.

Loam by GIA – With an agreement in tow with one of the most respected and highest rated distributors / publishers in the world, Loam by GIA supports developers from Africa making PC & Console games in distributing their games as well as providing sales strategy and publishing guidance.

Devolver Digital Renowned for numerous indie classics, they have been long been the go to publisher for South African Free Lives, who have released a number of acclaimed titles under their tutelage. Including most recently – Terra Nil.

Dear Villagers – Based in the South of France, they are a boutique publishing label composed of a team of twenty people. Open-minded and versatile, they offer handcrafted marketing and production guidance and have been known to be responsive to developers from emerging nations.

Humble Bundle Publishing wants to make it easier for indie developers to succeed in gaming. They found that publishing is the next great way for them to give back to indie gaming, by helping great ideas become successful games. They are the brains behind the black game developer fund.

The Indie Houses – The Indie Houses is an international collective of publishers composed of games industry veterans. Between the seven publishers and our developers, we span multiple continents, languages, genres and points of view. They launched the African Game Developers Prototype Fund in 2021.

Prismatika Games – They are a hands-on boutique game publisher who partner closely with indie studios to help bring their uniquely creative games and worlds to full fruition. They recently signed a publishing agreement with South African Team Lazerbeam.

Kepler Interactive – Kepler Interactive is a global publisher and game developer built on a unique co‑ownership model. Kepler gives studios a stake in the business and a leadership role in strategic decision-making, at the same time as preserving their creative independence, enabling them to make fun and commercially successful games appealing to a wide audience.