After almost seventy pitch submissions and a month of reviews, The Indie Houses along with Games Industry Africa have agreed on the first ever recipients of the African Game Developer Prototype Fund. In addition to the fund, the recipients will also receive mentorship in specific disciplines designed to help them make the most of the financial support.

Riziki – Weza Interactive Entertainment (Kenya) – $8000
Nairobi based Weza Interactive Entertainment is a seven person tech, art and culture Startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. Riziki is the gaming arm of a larger creative project being developed by the studio.

Riziki is a narrative rhythm game that takes its players through an experience of beautiful African Music

Project Flushy – Zerocape Studios (Nigeria) – $10000
Abiola Jide and Emmanuel Apakhumhe currently make up Zerocape Studios. Although they
have been working on games together for over 5 years, Project Flushy will be their first
official game.

Project Flushy is an atmospheric mix between 2D Procedural Puzzle Platforming and 3D Survival Strategy that is all about a son on a quest to save his scientist father captured in a strange quantum world. It is a new concept that combines the famous Puzzle Platform genre that games like Playdead’s Inside, Limbo and Jonathan Blow’s Braid are based on, the Survival genre that Subnautica is based on, and the Strategy genre that FTL: Faster Than Light is based on.

Dungeon Crawler – Tiny Baby Crown (South Africa) – $7000
This three person studio consisting of South African based Estelle Makhoba (Programmer), Kate Howell (Game Designer) and Joe Ruotolo (Artist) have been creatives in the gaming space for a while. Dungeon Crawler is their first project together.

Dungeon Crawler is a cute action…well…dungeon crawler where you save your friends, stop the goblin horde and slay the king or die cry trying.

Everlasting Guilt – Geeky Mouse (Egypt) – $7000
Geeky Mouse is the brainchild of Abdelrahman Salam, multidisciplinary solo developer from Egypt. Everlasting Guilt is his first project, with the demo already surpassing over 50k downloads on Steam.

Everlasting Guilt is a dungeon punk themed game, The game revolves around boss fights, each with unique approach, each has their own mechanics and favoured weapons to use against.

Beyond – Robert Ayodele Mensah / Mallanga (Nigeria) – $10000
Robert Ayodele Mensah is a self taught programmer and cross platform video game developer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is the founder of Mallanga, a one man indie game studio with an ambitious vision to create AAA games from Africa to the world.

Beyond is a third-person RPG about a warrior on the brink of death on the search for a mysterious drum – ILU. By beating ILU, the warrior hopes to open a portal and gain safe passage to Paradise.

Whotfire – TinCity Games (Nigeria) – $7000
TinCity Games is Omoje Akawo is a native of Nigeria and the founder of TinCity Games. A one person development studio. WhotFire is his first game.

Whotfire is a modern take on the popular Nigerian card Game called Whot! With ambitions to be the first African mobile esports game, Whotfire has all quirks of a modern mobile game like realtime multiplayer, spectator mode, lobbies, in-game store and collectibles.

A huge thank you to the The Indie Houses and most especially the dedicated jury for their time and support.

Sara Johana / Kris Antoni (Toge Productions)
David Logan / Alyssa Kollgaard (Akupara Games)
Gerinda Meijerink (Raw Fury)
Vladislav Tsypljak / Iain Garner (Neon Doctrine)
Vlad Calu (Those Awesome Guys)
Chris Wright / Des Gayle / Marla Fitzsimmons / Spencer Hayes (Fellow Traveller)
Brian Wilson (Whitethorn Games)
Vic Bassey (Games Industry Africa)

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