The Ghanaian and German-based Twin Drum’s is scheduled to release the alpha version of The Wagadu Chronicles in the second half of February. 

This comes after they successfully raised €163K through their Kickstarter campaign with €63K over their initial goal of €100K.

They would soon after become the first recipients of Riot’s Developer Fund, receiving a portion of Riot Games’ $10 million pledged towards investing in startup programs of underrepresented founders in the gaming community. 

Twin Drum’s has done a commendable job of giving regular monthly updates on how The Wagadu Chronicles is progressing. 

The Wagadu Chronicles is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that can also be played as a tabletop. 

Players can roleplay based on their character’s background e.g as a hunter, a magician or a trader. Those who want to experience Wagadu as a tabletop game can use a guide and rule book to do so.

If you have not been following their updates, you can take this as an opportunity to catch up before the Alpha release is out.