Bethlehem Anteneh, one of the front figures of the Enter Africa initiative has launched a digital project dubbed LUtopia under the banner of her teams company – SOSTLAB.

SOSTLAB is a word invention from the languages ​​Amharic and English. SOSTLAB stands for three people who make up a laboratory. With the three being Bethlehem Anteneh, Dagmawi Bedilu and Christoph Deeg. At the same time, it stands for the urgency of change.

What unites them is the belief in the use of game mechanics and game logics to redesign living space. For them, transformation means focusing on people and not on technologies. Nevertheless, they see technology as the central engine for design processes. One such design process is central to LUtopia.

LUtopia is a project that is looking for an answer to the question of what life in Ludwigshafen can be like in a changing environment.

In LUtopia we work on 3 levels that assist exploration and co-creation of an alternative future scenarios. 1. Use of minecraft 2. Use location based games 3. Design and build an architectural installation that speaks of the process we worked on intensely for weeks.

Beginning the next days we start thinking about “change” and “transformation” to rethink PATTERNS OF LIVING, WORKING AND PLAYING TO RETHINK FORM FOR FUNCTION