In the lead up to Nordic Game, Maliyo Games ran one of the widest surveys ever conducted of the African Games industry. The group CEO, Hugo Obi took to the stage to present some insights.

The survey received 118 respondents which included a mix of studios (35%), indies (35%), employees within studios (12%) and hobbyists (18%) from across the African continent.

Digging a little deeper into the survey, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya had the highest representation in the survey with North Africa barely represented 4 (3%).

According to the survey, 23% of developers build exclusively for mobile, 10% build exclusively for PC whilst 62% build for more than a singular platform. An eye opening factod that puts paid to the theory the continent is entrenched in mobile game development.

In terms of software being used, Unity appears to be the dominant engine across African developers with 64.1% of respondents backing it. 14.5% of respondents use Unreal whilst Godot features prominently with 8.5% of respondents.

A larger report based on the surveys findings will be released in the second half of 2023.