Since its inception, the Fak’ugesi Festival has injected vibrant energy into Braamfontein in early September every year by curating a program that embraces and showcases the rich tapestry of talent across the entire gambit of creative segments from Africa.

The event is set to return to Johannesburg in October with a focus on the future.

Fak’ugesi takes the opportunity in a world reshaping itself after a global pandemic to pause to see where we are and to look into our African digital future. The festival takes on two elements our ‘FromNow’ taking a look at where we are now, how have we gotten here, how did the pandemic hinder/assist in placing us in our current context / and the ‘NowOn’ where we use what we know of the now and project into the future to the spaces we will build together in the future.

Registration to the event is now open.