The increasing concern over the new Omicron Covid-19 variant has led to the postponement of Africa Games Week until 2022.

A message from the organization:
When we decided to restore the live component to Africa Games Week this year, we did so on the understanding that it would only go ahead if we could keep our staff, speakers, delegates and partners safe. The new variant presents too many unknowns and we cannot let the live portion of the event continue in good conscience. In addition as a huge portion of our speakers, delegates and awesome partners are coming from/or via Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East to the event, there is a high risk they either won’t get here or may get restricted on their return. While we could move the event to an “online” only format we feel, at this late stage it would compromise too much on the excellent program we developed for this year.

Africa Games Week is now scheduled to take place on February 23-25 2022.