Mwaaba Alec Mugala is a Zambian Web designer, Indie game developer, producer and programmer who is in the running for The Humble New Talent Award at A MAZE later in the year.

The Humble New Talent Award annually rewards deserving emerging artist from the A MAZE. community. The award is an opportunity to highlight new global talents, whose work has created a buzz in the last year.

Mwaaba has been recognized for his efforts developing Project Lumpa. Project Lumpa is a horror game about a man searching for his parents in a Zambian forest while uncovering the secrets of the Lumpa massacre (Zambian lore) and Alice Lenshina.

The winners will be revealed during the A MAZE. Award show, which is due to take place on April 24th. However, considering the current state of the world, it’s unsure if the event will be an online only occasion.