The city of Casablanca will host, from March 27 to 29, the first edition of the Moroccan video game show “Casablanca Gaming Expo”, which hopes to bring together the entire ecosystem of national and African gaming.

The Show thus comes to support a sector in perpetual effervescence, since Morocco, fortified by a gaming industry with more than three million active Moroccan players and achieving a turnover exceeding 840 million dirhams (MDH), “Today represents a real hub in video games,” said a statement from the organizers.

Promoting the sector, entertaining young people as well as creating new opportunities, “Casablanca Gaming Expo” will offer a unique platform that will bring together a growing community of Moroccan players (on PC, console and mobile), game creators and developers, media and influencers, national and international companies, as well as Moroccan and African startups, in a space of exchange, sharing and competition, said the same source.

The idea of ​​the fair, co-organized by the Moroccan agency Willy & Willy and the agency GG Agency specializing in e-sports and gaming events, “was born following a study that we conducted around consumption of video games in Morocco and Africa. Today, the market presents attractive prospects ”, underlined Karim Moubarik, managing director of GG Agency, quoted by the press release.

The objective, he continued, is to create synergy between the various players in the field (developers, players, creators and brands) in order to publicize the potential of the local market at national, continental and international level, but also to sensitize the public authorities as to the importance of this market and the growing interest of Moroccans in it.

In addition to creating opportunities to promote young talents, “Casablanca Gaming Expo” will give pride of place to African startups, who will have the opportunity to present video games entirely designed and developed in Africa, using African resources.

The fair also carries an educational and awareness-raising mission, for a more responsible practice of video games, by addressing all audiences, mainly parents as buyers and guides for their children and players as prescribers.

In 2018, Morocco ranked third among African countries in terms of gaming. With more than 3 million active players, the industry is valued at $ 49 million, a figure which represents the transactions and micro-transactions carried out by Moroccans, paid to foreign companies.