Festival de l’Electronique et du Jeu Vidéo d’Abidjan (FEJA) has marked its third iteration by hitting some outstanding milestones as West Africa’s largest consumer gaming event.  

Hosted by Paradise Games in Abidjan, and championed by Sidick Bakayoko one could argue FEJAs third round hit the spot, charmed the masses and may have solidified its place in the regional gaming zeitgeist.

3 pro players, +30 African players, 300 staff, 30 000 visitors, more than 300 000 minutes of préparation and more than 3 Million people who heard about FEJA online… The hashtag #FEJA3 is now an international platform for esport every November in Abidjan (the new esport capital in Africa).

Sidick Bakayoko

FEJA3 was held at Cosmos Yopougon from November 22 to November 24.

If you would like to be part of next years event or all things FEJA related send an email to sidick@paradisegame.net