Ugandan studio – Klan of the Kings have lifted the lid on their upcoming project, Sunjata: Trumpet of Last Day.

Studio head, Ronald Kayima proudly revealed the new trailer on social media with Sunjata the studios first large scale project. A new trailer showcasing game play features the titles principal character – Kaar Menelik and does a great job of setting an impressively imposing and epic mood.

The game is a single player third person action adventure hack and slash game which takes place in a fantasy version of Great Ancient Africa.

Players will be able to explore an African mythological land based on Kraal punk. Kraal punk is a sub-genre in which the world’s technologies and way of life is based on gas energy harvested from cattle.

Kaar embarks on an adventure to save the people of the land from the wrath of the gods.
Sunjata gives the player the African fantasy experience we have all been waiting for. A wide range of historic and fantasy weapons are at the players disposal as well as the ability to engage in close quarter combat.

Sunjata: Trumpet of Last Day is scheduled for release on XBOX One and Playstation 4 in 2020.