African gaming advocate and games business development manager at Unity was one of the key speakers at the recent MTN Gaming Conference in Accra. In a panel with other luminaries from the blossoming industry, explored ways to create and market engaging and revolutionary games that would put Ghana on the games industry map. GIA pulled her aside for a couple of quick fire questions.

What were your expectations before the event?

As an advocate of African game development, and being at Unity for the last 5 years covering the African region, Ghana was never the first country in mind when discussing African Game development and community. I knew of Leti Arts and Eyram being an active part (or I would say the only) of the Ghanaian game dev scene. Therefore, I was excited and curious to be invited and discover the game development community in Ghana.
I went open minded with the goal of cementing the Ghanaian game developers with the African game developers as whole.
My expectations were to meet with the community, understand the pain points and challenging and ultimately looking at articulate the premise of a plan to increase exposure on a continental and international level.

What were your main take aways?

My main take away were into three primary points :

  • There is work to be done on a national communication within the game industry.
  • As is the case with education on programming and the whole game development ecosystem
  • Finally, support on the above points from the African Game Development and main international game development actors.

The inaugural event featured among others Eric Elder, CEO Online Worlds Entertainment, Eyram Tawia, CEO of Leti Arts and Triforce Johnson, CEO Empire Arcadia and whilst it had some initial teething issues is sure to return again next year.