Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA) is an initiative to recognise, celebrate as well as promote the diverse portfolio of video games from the continent annually. The industry in Africa is largely, but still relatively nascent compared to its geographical contemporaries. An acknowledgement of the pool of talent is a way to aid continuous growth as well as inspire the next generation of creators and developers.

GIAA 2022 is sponsored by Mobidictum. Mobidictum is the top mobile gaming news brand and platform in Turkey for both B2B and B2C and hosts one of the largest bi-annual events in the region. Winners in each category will receive a couple of tickets to attend Mobidictum’s conference in May 2023 where they can do unlimited network and showcase their profile.

Most Impactful Video game

Defining the word “impactful” in an award context can sometimes be difficult. However in the case of this winner, its success can at least be measured by the large number of bylines attributed to this mobile games ascent to the top of the charts and its place in helping make a positive and significant dent on the perception of African mobile developers and their commercial viability. The winner is…

The President – Mekan Games (Kenya)

Evans Kiragu reflects on The Presidents success.

Mentors of the Year

This was a strong year with any and all nominees viable recipients of this award, however after a lengthy deliberation the winners of this award share this for their work on opposing ends of the scale. One recipients has devoted their career to seemingly singlehandely rouse the game development creative spark in their country, whilst the other recipient has and stepped up their desire to train a generation of mobile game developers tenfold through a number of jaw fropping initiatives. The recipients are…

Tutaleni Ilonga (Namibia) / Hugo Obi (Nigeria)

Industry Innovation of the Year

Gara Store Launches

2022 GIAA One to Watch (As voted by the public)

Legends of Orisha: Blood and Water – Dimension 11 (Nigeria)

Debut of the Year

A double platform chart topping release. A game that led to a sweeping sea change on the way African mobile games dperceived and all from a studio that seemingly came out of nowhere in 2022 to be on the tips of most industry insiders lips. The debut of the year goes to…

The President – Mekan Games (Kenya)

Special Recognition

Whilst this studio might not have any original IP of thier own, they have showcased an ability to breath life into new and translate exciting properties from established properties across a multitude of platforms. It’s a trait that has seen the best in the industry turn to them time and time again for co-development support.

24 Bit Games (South Africa)

From 16 Bit to Twelve Minutes – The Rise of 24 Bit Games.

2022 GIA Icon

Backed by one of the largest puveyors of indie games in the world – Devolver Digital, Free Lives have a strong argument for being arguably one of the most commercially successful game studios on the continent and they have been at the top of their game for over a decade. Their titles are globally recognizable and their numerous grassroots projects, showcase a desire to give back to community that remains on the cusp of reaching maturity.

Free Lives (South Africa)

Team of the Year

Game development is hard, but going the Early Access can uncover a host of wrinkles that have been known to make or break many a team. The winner of this award puts the T in Team for their tireless work and sustained level of updates and communication whilst developing a new IP in a hugely competitive space. The team of the year award goes to…

NewGen Studios (Tunisia)

NewGen opens up about West Hunt

Game of the Year

A strong debut and a title that has made the largest impact from the continent this year. The game of the year is…

The President (Kenya)

Person of the Year

At the helm of the continents most successful studio, this person has overseen ports to numerous platforms for their games, a long standing deal with an acclaimed global publisher, a series of game dev community building initiatives and two anticipated titles. It’s been yet another year. The Person of the year is…

Dominique Gawlowski (South Africa)

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