West Hunt is the name of the new game from NewGen which saw the light of day on Steam Early Access on June 14th. The social deduction game has been developed by Tunisian NewGen and published by Snail Games and Wandering Wizard.

In West Hunt, the player is thrust into a multiplayer environment in a Western setting where hide and seek gets a modern reimagining.

Speaking on the games initial reception, NewGen CEO Seifeddine BenHamouda had the following to say,

“The game received many positive reviews, but still we need to build the players base. We have a roadmap of nine months before version 1.0 and plan to release major updates every three months,” he added.

He was keen to highlight a key takeaway they have identified since the launch.

“So far we have noticed that players have taken it more as a party game and prefer to play custom with their friends,” he concluded.

West Hunt is still some way from version 1.0, but to dive into a frantic game in the West, the game can be downloaded from Steam now.