A new digital store front – dubbed Gara which is dedicated to promoting and making creative content from Africa for purchase has officially launched.

With his knowledge of the African market and the needs of the population, Teddy Kossoko, GARA’s 28-year-old Central African founder (Also founder of Masseka Game Studio), harbours ambitions to revolutionize the continent’s economies, by solving a challenge faced by local creators – the monetization of their content. 

For more than 15 years, gaming and comic platforms have not taken into account the specificities of African countries. This has made it difficult for people to access games, mangas, comics, in short, cultural content…. but it has also made it difficult for creators to generate money.

Teddy Kossoko

Gara Store has been in a prolonged beta state for months in the lead up to launch as it sought to iron out any kinks as well as to fully integrate its suite of features.

The possibility to buy/sell whatever the means of payment available, mobile money, bank card or cash is in the works.

Following its launch in three countries, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, the store logged nearly 5000 visitors per day to its site with a a percentage of those converting into full paying customers. According to the team discussions are underway with several telecoms in about 30 countries to accelerate the platforms deployment.

The company is currently conducting acquisition tests in several African, English and French speaking countries via various channels to have reliable metrics for developers. The store can be downloaded here.