Enter Africa Ouaga has entered into a partnership with Goethe-Institut Ouagadougou to bring the joy of gaming to Burkina Faso.

“I am pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement between the Goethe Institut Ouagadougou and Enter Africa Ouaga for the organization of the Goethe Game Station project, which is a game caravan that will crisscross the neighbourhoods of Ouagadougou from May till December 2022” said Evelia GADEGBEKU, the President of Enter Africa Burkina Faso, an Executive Committee Member of the international  Enter Africa Organization  and a  Founder of West African Business Organization (WABO).

She added, “The game caravan is a playful activity program designed to provide a unique experience for all participants within their community to discover, compete and learn about opportunities.”

Goethe Game Station will take place in a street corner of Ouagadougou every first weekend of the month. The project will officially be launched on May 7th 2022 and will be completed after 6 stages on December 3rd 2022. 

At each stage there will be game challenges in the form of board games and video games alongside cultural discovery sessions through VR. Each stage will have its own topic for instance Game & Culture, Game & Sport and VR & Opportunities.

The goal of this project is to foster a platform of exchange focused on knowledge and skills around video games and virtual reality. Evelia added, “We are creating an opportunity to build relationships within the community, to encourage youth engagement, to establish a fully self-sustaining job creating platform and to provide a productive and enjoyable pastime for youth and society.”

The project involves 7 locations in Bukina Faso, which have been selected according to several criteria such as; availability of gaming rooms, sites of cultural interest, topics related to the targeted areas, and geographic density. Some of the selected places are Wemtenga, Tampouy, and Ouaga 2000. With regard to impact the objective of the project is to make this event continental and full of opportunities for the African youth.

Evelia concluded with the following sentiments, “After Afrika Esports Series, Burkina Games Week, it is for us to bring together young Burkinabe creatives around the theme of Virtual Reality and the opportunities to seize in the digital revolution underway in the gaming sector.”