As part of a collaboration with AppMagic as well as to better understand the size and revenue generating potential across the African continent within the mobile gaming space, GIA has once again put the data being generated by Appmagic under a microscope to see what games topped the charts in the first half of 2023 as well as to see what the revenue generating trends are.

Following on from our look at the top selling mobile games in Algeria from the first half of 2023, we turn our gaze to Egypt, which showcases a level of performance that helps put paid to the theory the continent isn’t worth building a strategy around.

Over the first half of 2023, the top 10 revenue generating mobile games accounted for $5.6M, with PUBG Mobile continuing to showcase its dominance.

The hugely popular battle royale title accounted for over $1.1M inthe first six months of 2023 and shows no signs of losing its stranglehold on the top spot. The other titles to make up the top three included FIFA Soccer which accounted for over $650k and Yalla Ludo – Ludo&Domino which accounted for over $420k in the first six months of the year.