Nigerian indie studio, Gbrossoft have provided a series of updates for their first title – Outliver: Tribulation following its release on July 2023. The game which was released to favourable reviews is still receiving incremental tweaks from the developers as they hope to encourage players to take a punt on the game.

It’s been one month since the launch of Outliver: Tribulation and we have been hard at work listening to and acting on feedback from the community. As a result, we are pleased to announce the release of the War Chief update based on user requests, where we split the game into two difficulty modes: the easy mode and the hard mode.

– The easy mode is the current mode in the game where we’ve further reduced the difficulty to make the game more accessible. Enemies now have lower health and deal lesser damage to players. We also increased the interval between the wanderer’s attack waves so players have more time to explore and solve riddles thereby making the gameplay much easier to get through.

– The hard mode on the other hand is the new gameplay mode where things will be more challenging. Enemies in the hard mode have higher health and deal more damage to the players among other little tweaks which make the game more challenging.

– In order to encourage players to try out and beat the game in the new hard mode difficulty, we have added a new “War Chief” achievement to the game to go along with the update.

– We’ve also simplified the riddles by making the clues and instructions clearer and much easier to understand along with adjusting the damage you take from failing a riddle to be lower when playing in easy mode and higher when playing in hard mode.

– Lastly, we tweaked the UI of the game to make it more appealing and fixed the sound inconsistency issue some players complained about.

We hope this update makes the game a lot more fun to play. If you’ve already purchased the game, we say a big thank you to you for your support and can’t wait to see your reviews and thumbs up on Steam. And if you’re still undecided on getting the game, we hope this update encourages you to give it a try.

Outliver: Tribulation on Steam

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