NewGen Studios have been riding high off the success of their social deduction game – West Hunt. With the game now off Early Access and into a full release, the Tunisian studio has already teased its next project.

Since its release in June 2022, West Hunt has slowly carved out a niche in the growing band of games within the social deduction space. Popularized by titles such as Among Us and Goose Goose Duck, West Hunt has garnered a passionate following among online content creators culminating in the game shifting over 110K units.

With a Switch port in the works and a likely sequel slated for 2024, the team have shared details of their newest project – Zombie Within.

Zombie Within will take a page from West Hunts signature visual style and offer another take on the social deduction genre by having players inhabit the role of an infected, tasked with infiltrating a group of survivors.

No release for Zombie Within has been revealed, but there is a Steam page for fans to follow the games development as well as wishlist.