Online social deduction game – West Hunt has sold over one hundred thousand units since it was launched onto Early Access on Steam. The game which was developed by Tunisian NewGen has garnered a passionate community boosted by prominent online creators and streamers.

West Hunt which was released in June of 2022 is currently continuing to experience a resurgence as highlighted by studio head Seifeddine Ben Hamouda thanks to streamers such as SMii7Y wit over five million subscribers.

As we are getting close to V1.0 Release, +110K copies of West Hunt have been sold so far during Steam early access. We are not just preparing the Steam1.0 release.

Seifeddine Ben Hamouda, CEO NewGen

NewGen ended 2022 by winning the Team of the Year award at GIAA with the motivation.

Game development is hard, but going the Early Access can uncover a host of wrinkles that have been known to make or break many a team. The winner of this award puts the T in Team for their tireless work and sustained level of updates and communication whilst developing a new IP in a hugely competitive space. 

A Nintendo Switch port of the PC game is in the works and a likely sequel to follow in 2024. You can follow the games progress and wishlist by going to the Steam page.