After extensive behind-the-scenes moves to polish up their game Legends of Orisha: Blood and Water, which saw them take a long break from social media, Dimension11 Games announced they secured a self-publishing partnership deal with Microsoft ID@Xbox.

Dimension11 Games is an independent game developer based in Nigeria. Their latest project, Legends of Orisha: Blood and Water, is a Yoruba story-based action-adventure role-playing game, which has garnered significant interest since its announcement several years ago and culminated in the game taking home the 2022 GIAA One to Watch in December.

The game follows the story of Remilekun, a former soldier of the fallen ancient empire of Oyo who searches for reason when fate and his past come hunting. As Remilekun, you are thrust back into his armor when you discover that your people are in danger and must use his skills to save them. The game exposes players to magical, rich, colorful, and immersive gameplay by banking on the merits of Unreal Engine.

Commenting on the partnership deal, Dimension11 Games expressed their gratitude for their fans’ patience, adding, “We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and apologize for the lack of updates, but we promise it’s been for a good reason. Now that we’ve got this deal in the bag, we’re more motivated than ever to take you through our exciting development journey. We’ll be back with more frequent updates on our progress, so stay tuned!” 

ID@Xbox is a program by Microsoft that allows independent video game developers to self-publish their titles for Xbox consoles, Windows, and Cloud. The program has worked with select independent developers since 2013 to ensure their games are more accessible to the global audience. To become an ID@Xbox developer, game developers can apply to the official ID@Xbox website. Once accepted, developers can join a walkthrough of the ID@Xbox Onboarding and Publishing process that gives key insights into how to submit your game and apply to ID@Xbox.