A couple of developers from South Africa and Morocco respectively have revealed their latest PC projects with releases scheduled for sometime in 2023.

SpaceSalad Studios

First up is South African SpaceSalad Studios who have been developing games for several years and garnered some local recognition for their forays within the animation and gaming scene. They believe what makes us different from any other studio is that we make games based on social commentary and we have a unique way of telling these stories while incorporating in the educational lessons in our mechanics.

Hot Bunz is a physics-based 2D Platformer Party Game with one goal – players must navigate their characters through an obstacle course with rotating rings to collect as many gold coins in a series of increasingly complex levels.

Hot Bunz is scheduled for a PC release in Q2 2023. Wishlisting can be done via the Steam storefront.


Moroccon developer Soufiane Tacherifine is a software developer with a string of releases under his belt, although most have been largely mobile focused. Under the name TacSou, he loves working on anything that is interactive and fun. Focusing mainly on 2D, he tries to make unique and memorable video games. Colored Effects is his next project set for release on PC.

Colored Effects is a puzzle platformer game where you use different abilities to advance through levels. Each color grants a unique ability. Switch between the colors and their effects to collect gems, defeat bosses, and solve fun puzzles.

You can wishlist Colored Effect on Steam right now with the game set for a release in 2023.