The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Game Tech team has signed a partnership with Zambian studio, Chroma Pixel Games. This is their first major deal and will see the studio champion cloud-based game development in Zambia.

This joining of forces between the two entities was a no-brainer as Chroma Pixel Games already had plans in place to have all its games under development cloud-based. This makes the studio the first cloud-based game provider in Zambia and the South African Development Community (SADC) region.

In April 2021 Amazon announced the creation of Nimble Studio for Game Developers. This solution is a transformational new service for the creative community it makes it easy to set up a content production studio in hours, scale capacity based on demand and render content faster and more cost-effectively.

Amazon Nimble Studio allows customers to rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world. The creative talent has immediate access to high-performance workstations powered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This, therefore, gives content production studios the ability to start with few resources, scale up those resources when rendering demands peak and spin them back down once projects are completed.

Mica Barkay, Senior Business Development Manager at AWS Game Tech for Israel and Sub-Saharan Africa had the following to share, “Together with Sophie Alter and Henri Zietsman we managed to meet with over thirty humans and companies within 48 hours. We got a taste of some significant aspects of the game development, creative events and initiatives across Africa.”

Edwin Kapesa was sponsored by Zambia University of Technology where he is currently a student to attend AGW and it was heartwarming to watch how his lecturer Mr. Sam Kasele spoke highly of him.

The young CEO added, “ If you believe it is possible you are a step closer to having whatever it is you want. I am happy to be a part of this partnership and I am very optimistic about the future of the video games industry on the continent.”