The Benin based Malaika Games and Zambian Chroma Pixel Games have decided to pool their resources together for an upcoming project.

Malaika is a video game development company founded by Isdine Ibrahima Gnorra. Chroma Pixel Games on the other hand is a game development company based in Zambia that was founded by Edwin Kapesa. The two companies are teaming up to work on IMPANGA.

The idea originated from Chroma Pixel Games and was pitched at the GDBAY mobile games pitch. GDBAY network is an online community platform for the games industry. The event took place in November 2022.

IMPANGA is set to have its first public showcase at Africa Games Week in December 2022.

The game is an African Tactical RPG Game about a Mysterious African Forest. The forest is discovered by the African Bantu nomadic tribes of the Northern Tundra Region.

Every tribe has its own special protection abilities against the Balovale Nyami spirits which challenge players to handle unexpected quests through the Lost Lands of BUTA.

As a player you are given an option to pick a character and tribe you desire (be it the Kabweluma Tribe or Kalambo people of the Kalambo tribe) and you are expected to challenge yourself to handle the dangerous enemies.

Edwin Kapesa adds, “This Game contains an interesting story, a compelling plot, and a carefully paced adventure that awaits you. You will get to use your shape shifting abilities, special farming tools and mining skills granted to you by the Mighty IMPANGA forest.”

Malaika studio shared the announcement as follows, “In the gaming industry in Africa, many people are working to make communities more hybrid for everyone, both for native English-speaking countries and for native French-speaking countries – but this change cannot happen without meaningful collaboration to start the process.

This is why today Malaika Games and Chroma Pixel Games are joining forces in a partnership to promote the diversity of cultures, through the development of ‘IMPANGA’, a Chroma Pixel Games project.”