Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA) is an initiative to recognise, celebrate as well as promote the diverse portfolio of video games from the continent annually. The industry in Africa is largely, but still relatively nascent compared to its geographical contemporaries. An acknowledgement of the pool of talent is a way to aid continuous growth as well as inspire the next generation of creators and developers. 

Absolutely delighted to present the batch of nominations for the second edition of Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA). An industry accolade designed to celebrate the many budding as well as cemented creative, technical and commercially driven talents across the continent.

The 2022 GIAA is sponsored by Mobidictum. Mobidictum is the top mobile gaming news brand and platform in Turkey for both B2B and B2C and hosts one of the largest bi-annual events in the region. Winners in each category will receive a couple of tickets to attend Mobidictums conference in May 2023 where they can do unlimited network and showcase their profile.

Most impactful mobile game

This award aims to recognise a mobile first project that has either through its innovative mechanics, payment method or its financial success got people talking across the length and breath of the continent.

The President
Danfo Racer
Sword Maker
Madame Affaf

Mentor(s) of the year

This award recognises an organisation, group or individual who excels in a mentorship capacity within the local gaming community. That could be as part of a studio, working in formal education, or through running events or meetups.

Hugo Obi
Sithe Ncube
Arabic Game Conference team
Tutaleni Ilonga
Tegan Bristow
Nick Hall
Bukola Akingbade

Industry Innovation of the Year

This award recognises technical achievements over the past 12 months designed to elevate the games industry through a combination of technical and business prowess.

Gara Store launches
Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct launches Gaming Hub
Kiroo teases monetization system
Kids and teen focused conference

2022 GIAA One to Watch

In recognition of the talents across the continent, this award seeks to recognise those with the promise to make a huge impact either as individuals, a team or with the initiative they are working on.

Public Vote for ONE TO WATCH here.

Terra Nil
The Wagadu Chronicles
Outliver: Tribulation
Project Nyx
Anger Foot
Legends of Orisha: Blood and Water
Tras: Mobile Game
Stasis: Bone Totem
Virago: Trepidation
Wrestling with Emotions: New Kid on the Block
Mortal Darkness

Terra Nil – Free Lives (South Africa)
The Wagadu Chronicles – Twin Drums (Ghana / Germany)
Outliver: Tribulation – Gbrossoft (Nigeria)
Project Nyx – Major 7th (South Africa)
Anger Foot – Free Lives (South Africa)
Legends of Orisha: Blood and Water – Dimension 11 (Nigeria)
Feta – Qene Technologies (Ethiopia)
Stasis: Bone Totem – The Brotherhood (South Africa)
Bit ESC – Ahmed Essam (Egypt)
Virago: Trepidation – Honest Chronicle (Nigeria)
Wrestling with Emotions: New Kid on the Block – Team Lazerbeam (South Africa)
Mortal Darkness – Dark Faction Studio (South Africa)

Public Vote for ONE TO WATCH here.

Debut of the Year

The game, initiative or organisation to make the largest impact over the past 12 months will be the recipient of this award.

Jam Rush: World Tour – Kayfo Studios (Senegal)
The President – Mekan Games (Kenya)
Escape 303 – AJB Games Studio – (Morocco)
Terror: Evocation II – Terrifik Game Studios (Malawi)
Danfo Racer – Maliyo Games (Nigeria)
West Hunt – NewGen Studios (Tunisia)
Omitted – PsychoRavens (Egypt)
Finke Desert Race Game – Arkitech Consultancy Limited (Kenya)

Special Recognition

A unique criteria for a team or individual(s) that has and continues to excel at positively bringing attention to the local industry. This could be due to their talent or services offered.

2022 GIA Icon

This accolade recognises the person or persons to have contributed positively to the growth and development of the African games industry over the past ten years.

Free Lives
Olivier Madiba
Hugo Obi
Sidick Bakoyoko
Samia Chelbi
Instinct Games

Team of the year

This award recognises the achievements of a collective, group or collaborative entity that bandied together and overcome insurmountable odds to create something truly unique.

Maliyo Games
Fitnot Games
Mekan Games
Stolen Pad Studios
Kola Studio
24 Bit Studios
Free Lives

Game of the Year

The President
West Hunt
Chicken Pickin
Sword Maker

Person(s) of the year

This award recognises an individual with a through a singular vision and drive has achieved significant commercial / critical success, been an unflinching champion or been a catalyst to spur the growth of the African games industry.

Hugo Obi
Michel Nkuindja
Teddy Kossoko
Tegan Bristow
Bukola Akingbade
Dominique Gawlowski

Winners will be announced in the first week of December 2022.