Nigerian outfit, Kucheza Gaming has long established itself as a passionate outfit with a desire to get more kids into the gaming space. That ambition has manifested into a new venture aimed at providing children and teenagers with an outlet and understanding of the games industry via the Game Makers Assembly.

The Lagos outfit which was founded by Bukola Akingbade announced the news on social media with a snazzy trailer and a website for inerested parents to sign their kids to.

The immersive nature of video games offers opportunities for engaging and equipping Africa’s youth to imagine, re-imagine and change the world. Looking forward to seeing how our first Game Makers Assembly goes this December. It’s a #gamedev platform for teens, parents, educators and the game dev community.

Bukola Akingbade, CEO, Kucheza Gaming

Game Makers Assembly is billed as a creative careers and computing conference for students aged 8 to 16, showcasing the breadth and depth of roles available in the video games industry.

Packed full of fun activities, game launches, showcases, inspiring workshops and innovative talks aimed at developing STEAM skills and offering careers advice. Sign ups to the events or to support and contribute as a speaker can be done via the GMA website or via