Nigerian outfit, Gbrossoft have been toiling away trying to finish up work on their debut title Outliver: Tribulation. After an extended period of silence, the studio returned with a string of news in their latest developer update along with a new demo.

Outliver: Tribulation is a third-person survival horror game developed with the Unreal Engine and set in a fictional supernatural realm of African mythology about a soldier on the run from terrorists.

One of the new enhancements to the game is a complete visual overhaul which is down to an engine upgrade from UE4 to UE5 in order to take advantage of the new performance and visual features like Nanite and Lumen among others.

Voiced dialogue sequences, a new weapon as well as a brand new player upgrade system which allows the player to upgrade gameplay elements are some of the new features that come with the jump to UE5.

As for performance optimizations, they are actively working on making sure the game is as stable as possible and this will continue till launch.

The studio have so far had an eventful 2022, which began with them being recipients of an Epic MegaGrant and announcing that their third person shooter will be a multiplatform title.

The new demo showcasing some of the new features within the game outlined above can be downloaded now from Steam.