Applications to the first African Game Dev Prototype fund are now open. All submissions can be made by visiting the link below and following the guidelines along with the available template. In addition, we’re delighted to also present the full review working group.

Consisting primarily of key industry voices and faces within the indie space and making up the core of The Indie Houses, the group will help to review submissions to the fund and help decide the eventual recipients of the fund.

Sara Johana / Kris Antoni (Toge Productions)
David Logan / Alyssa Kollgaard (Akupara Games)
Nathan Gary / Jon McElroy (Annapurna Games)
Gerinda Meijerink (Raw Fury)
Vladislav Tsypljak / Iain Garner (Neon Doctrine)
Frank Meijer (Those Awesome Guys)
Chris Wright / Des Gayle / Marla Fitzsimmons / Spencer Hayes (Fellow Traveller)
Brian Wilson (Whitethorn Games)
Vic Bassey (Games Industry Africa)

The AGDP Fund in connection with Games Industry Africa and The Indie Houses hopes to provide a non recoupable fund for creators on the continent to bring their conceptual ideas a step closer to reality. Check out the FAQ here and apply to the fund now.