Africa is a continent brimming with talent, but from a games industry perspective, prospective developers  face the challenge of being able to fund their ideas and projects. The AGDP fund aims to alleviate some of that. The AGDP Fund in connection with Games Industry Africa and The Indie Houses hopes to provide a non recoupable fund for creators on the continent to bring their conceptual ideas a step closer to a reality.


The fund is made up some of the following publishers and partners:

  • Another Indie (Neon Doctrine)
  • Those Awesome Guys
  • Toge Productions
  • Raw Fury
  • Whitethorn Games
  • Akupara Games
  • Annapurna Interactive 
  • Games Industry Africa (GIA)

See list of jury and apply here.


How big is the fund?

Between $5k-$10k funding to develop a Minimum viable Product (MVP) or Vertical Slice. Funding is paid in instalments based on projected milestones and deliverables agreed by both parties.

Is this a loan that needs to be paid back?

Developers are NOT required to pay the fund back. Developers retain full IP ownership

What’s in it for The Indie Houses?

First refusal to offer a publishing deal for the fully developed game.

Who can apply to the AGDP Fund?

Any development studio based in Africa developing a game for PC, mobile or consoles.

What is the eligibility criteria for funding?

To apply for the AGDP Fund, applicants must have their studio or base of operations formally registered in an African country.

Alternatively, game development companies that apply to the fund must have at least 75% of employees from the African region. 

What type of funding is available?

The AGDP Fund is awarding a small non recoupable amount for the development of PC, mobile and consoles. The game pitch should also include a budget outlining a breakdown of how the funds will be used. Your game pitch should include the sum you’re requesting and a breakdown of how the funds will be used.

Are there any restrictions/limits on funding per team/projects?

None whatsoever as long as each submission is made separately as well as it being an exciting premise and the cost matches up with the ambition of your project and realistic capabilities to complete milestones.

How will your project be treated within the AGDP Fund?

Games Industry Africa will provide visibility and act as a funnel for submissions to the fund.

Additionally, The Indie Houses will come together to provide mentoring, pitch as well as prototype feedback.

Who makes the decision ?

A committee made of industry professionals from The Indie Houses will review applications and be on hand to offer any advice and feedback on projects once the recipients of the funds have been announced.

When will I find out about my application?

We hope to announce the news of all recipients to the fund as soon as possible, but we expect it might take anything from 1-3 months.

How do I keep informed about future updates to the fund and the developers supported by it?

Future updates will be shared on Linkedin, Twitter as well as on Games Industry Africa for news on this and other initiatives for the African development community.

How long will the submission window last for?

Applications to the fund will be open until 8pm CET October 29th.