Kenyan studio, Gamecentral Station has had their game Battle of Nairobi snapped up by Gara Store ahead of its 2022 launch.

The Gara store which has been touted as the continents answer to the Google and App Store for African creators is being developed by Teddy Kossoko and has made signing Battle of Nairobi its first African title.

“Yes I signed the first African game of the platform. The name is Battle of Nairobi created by a Kenyan studio called Gamecentral station. Our objective is to first showcase the game during the Afrique-France summit organized by the president Macron at October,” Teddy Kossoko proclaimed.

Battle of Nairobi is a side scrolling beat em up in a similar vein to late 90s classics such as Streets of Rage and the Double Dragon series. It’s also Kenyan Grandcentral Stations first game and one they will prove commercially lucrative, especially in light on the Gara store agreement.

“The studio get 80% of each sale. The idea is to help them to have enough money to create more games, Teddy added.

Gara is still under construction, but is likely to face stiff competition from established platforms such as MTN Arcade which launched in South Africa earlier in 2020. Gara Store is expected to launch in January 2022.