2020 was an eventful one for Kiro’o Games. The Cameroonian studio notched several milestones across their growing catalogue of transmedia properties. Most notably, the launch of a mobile title, validation of their Rebuntu funding model by the Cameroonian government as well as the release of Volume 2 of their Aurion comic book series.

However, with an investor call looming, the Yaounde based outfit shed some light on some of their plans for 2021. Apart from continued work on their mobile and comic book IPs by establishing partnerships in Europe and the States, they also revealed plans to Upgrade Kiroo Rebuntu into a true Equity Crowdfunding platform.

One of the more exciting takeaways was the reveal that they have taken steps into connecting players and buyers of their products under one singular service.

“We’ve done the basics of the Kiroo World catalog, which allows all of our players to have one account for all of our games and services,” Olivier Madiba stated.

As one of the few gaming enterprises with a multi-tiered product line across the continent, watching Kiroo Games consolidate their growing portfolio under one service will provide an opportunity to get a better sense of the growing customer base across the continent.