Cameroonian Kiroo Games are inching towards the full release of their first mobile game – Les Responsables MBOA or The Manager with its soft launch on Android devices.

Aimed at primarily the francophone speaking countries, the studio views this as a long term endeavour, with version 1.0 expected to be at least two years away.

In a recent post the studio outlined their plans for the game.

“This will be our flagship license for the smartphone catalog for young adults (20 to 35 years old) in Africa. Such a game will not be complete for at least 2 years. We will have to add content as we go along based on feedback from the community.

We will be delivering a more comprehensive update in March 2021 with micro-transaction options (players will be able to play for much longer and pay for content).

We want to have at least 100K downloads in 2021 with 10K micro transactions of 100 FCFA per week to strengthen the viability of the studio without funding. Which would bring in 1 million FCFA per week.
We intend to gradually add multi-player options and extend communication to other French-speaking African countries to make it a continental phenomenon.”

The Early Access version of The Manager is now out on Google Play with an iOS version set to follow suit later.