So you’ve decided to take the plunge and dive into the career of your dreams within the games industry. However, dependent on where you’re based on the continent you are likely to face a multitude of hurdles and challenges from conception to the launch of your game tinged project.
You’ve successfully navigated a game development education, jumped ship at an established studio or simply decided to make a game with no experience whatsoever and harbor hopes of creating the next great indie title to cash in on the growing gaming demographic on the continent and beyond. Before you trawl through the list of resources here is some Legal for Indies Follow that by binging on the list of links, reading material and useful resources to set you off on your merry way.


As romantic as the notion of surviving on blood, sweat and tears may be, it’s simply not sustainable, so you’ll need to seek out funding. Here are a few alternatives that could prove useful depending on where you’re based.

Fig seeks to make the community the center of the publishing process. Developers can partner with their gamer communities to help support the development and publishing of their games. Fig’s team works directly with developers throughout the process in planning the campaign, advising on development and co-publishing the game through distribution and marketing support.

Kickstarter The premier crowdfunding platform. If your game resonates with backers, you’ll get it funded.

Funded By Me offers several methods of crowdfunding, Equity, Loan, and Reward-based crowdfunding, to investors and entrepreneurs. FundedByMe is a global platform for entrepreneurs and investors to meet, specialising in cross-border investments.

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to create a campaign and build a pool of fans and supporters. Multiple funding models and payment options like PayPal make it easy to choose what works best for you.

Patreon was founded in May 2013 and based in San Francisco, California, Patreon was created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love.


Ludique Works is a pan-African game publishing company that makes global games and animated content, majorly based on African themed content and tales.

Paradise Games vision is to federate African gamers and popularize video games with e-sports events and digital media.

Indie Games Accelerator is a program for top indie game startups from select emerging markets who are looking to supercharge their growth on Android. This is a special edition of the Launchpad Accelerator program, designed in close collaboration with Google Play, featuring a comprehensive gaming curriculum and mentorship from top mobile gaming experts. The program is open to developers from select countries* in Asia, Middle East & Africa and Latin America.

Carbon is a games incubator / accelerator, with the mission to support independent game developers in crafting and distributing their games. They focus primarily on Eastern Europe but are increasingly open to new studios from all over the world.

The Bakery Start Program has set up the Start Programme to enable entrepreneurs and developers to build companies that respond to immediate challenges faced by the industry today.

Stugan is a non-profit organisation, created by seasoned game developers, with the intention to build a platform where new talent can bloom.

They accelerate teams or companies with two or more people with launched games/demos/slices from any country in the world.

Stadia Ventures
Stadia Ventures is the global sports innovation hub. Stadia connects three distinct groups of individuals: industry experts, passionate investors, and driven entrepreneurs. Stadia Accelerator helps established sports and esports startups get to the next level through the combination of equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives

Avid.Ly is a mobile game publishing company avidly pursuing new challenges in mobile gaming. With 150+ titles released, they specialize in worldwide publishing (China included), cost-effective user-acquisition, and LTV-oriented monetization with a focus on casual games.

Paradox Interactive A publisher and developer excels by churning out hardcore niche titles with a strong focus on gameplay. Signing and discovering new talent rests on the shoulders of Shams Jorjani, so if you believe your titles fit the mould, get in touch.

Kowloon Nights – At the moment they only fund premium PC/console games. This means no AR/VR, blockchain or mobile-first titles.

Humble Bundle Publishing wants to make it easier for indie developers to succeed in gaming. They found that publishing is the next great way for them to give back to indie gaming, by helping great ideas become successful games.

Annapurna The arty farty pick of the bunch. The award winning outfit has a strong focus on design and narrative driven experiences.

Raw Fury Games The unpublisher publisher are relative new entrants to this list, but have already experienced considerable success in their first year and open to unearthing new original titles from the indie community.


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Finally, seek out an industry figure head for mentoring and business advice and support. However and most importantly have fun and love what you do and create.