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2020 African Games Industry Trends

Perusing games industry end of year reports and predictions for the coming year has always been a source of mild irritation because whilst most claim to have a global perspective, they almost always exclude insights from the African continent. Pretty frustrating right? Well, fret no more.

Game Developer Resource Kit

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and dive into the career of your dreams within the games industry. However, dependent on where you’re based on the continent you are likely to face a multitude of hurdles and challenges from conception to the launch of your game tinged project.You’ve successfully navigated a game development education,…

About Games Industry Africa

In recent years a lot has been written about the nascent but steadily developing games industry scene in Africa. With new studios, games, platforms as well as unique perspectives on an industry we all know and love, the time seems right to create a platform and focal point designed to chart, profile and highlight the…