According to various reports, Cameroon based Kiro’o Games have been able to raise $500,000 following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that was kickstarted in April of this year.

Using its renowned « Rebuntu Equity Crowdfunding » process which allows Private Investors to buy shares for as little as $500 (about 275 000 FCFA), the round also present investors with the right to vote and participate in the management of the company via a special Intranet.

The relationship with a shareholder is as important as that in marriage. Beyond money, Kiro’o will only retain investors who are compatible with our vision. We also ensure rigorous due diligence on investors’ sources of income » explains BASSANGNA Jean-Yves, co-founder and CFO of the studio.

Since the teasing, we have recorded about 150 000 USD subscriptions from VIP investors who wrote to us. Some have already concreted their intentions » says Olivier Madiba, founder and CEO of KIRO’O.

The summary of the publically available business plan shows that, Kiro’o anticipates its growth potential to reach at least 1 million customers in Africa by 2025; with an annual turnover of 20 million USD. Interested Private Investors can obtain the document here.