Mobile Premier League (MPL), a leading Indian eSports and mobile gaming platform, has recently expanded its operations into Nigeria, signalling the future of eSports in Africa. The expansion facilitated by Carry1st, an equally prominent South-African mobile gaming publisher, seeks to tap into Africa’s vast untapped gaming market and offer gamers opportunities to compete globally through paid competitive gaming.

Essentially, paid competitive gaming provides a platform where gamers can showcase their skills, engage in thrilling matchups, and potentially earn rewards or monetary compensation, turning their passion for gaming into a viable pursuit.

MPL offers games catering to all age groups, from casual to real-money games. The genre ranges from fantasy sports, card games, puzzle games, and action games. Some popular games from them include Fantasy Football, Pool, Fruit Dart, Rummy and Ludo, to mention but a few.

Sai Srinivas, the founder of MPL, is thrilled about bringing the MPL gaming experience to Nigeria, acknowledging the country’s dynamic gaming community. The expansion of MPL into the Nigerian market showcases their achievements in the realm of paid competitive gaming and its dedication to expanding globally. MPL, which has a presence in other markets in Asia, North America, and Europe, will now strongly focus on establishing a significant presence in Africa, with Nigeria beginning this undertaking.