As part of its celebration of Africa Month, the App Store featured a couple of African developed games including Whot King from Maliyo Games and Aurion KGF: Match 3 RPG from Kiro’o Games.

The initiative which is part of the mobile platforms efforts to showcase local creators and broaden its install base saw both titles get significant featuring on the Sub-Saharan version of the App store with Aurion KGF: Match 3 RPG being featured as the Game of the Day.

On the Game of the day feature, Aurion KGF was lauded for its strong visual aesthetic by the App store

Charming hand-drawn illustrations and tactical gameplay bring planet Aurioma to life. Between sandy coastal towns, lush jungles and mysterious temples, you’ll explore rich terrain inspired by the African continent’s biodiversity.

Reacting to the news of his games profile on the App store, Kiro’o Games CEO Olivier Madiba expressed his delight saying;

We dedicate this milestone to everyone here. Let’s keep pushing together every day our “African Gaming branding” to the next level.

Olivier Madiba

The “Game of the Day”, feature comes a few weeks after being released on the store and with the studio keen to stress that the current build is just an early-stage version and represents only 10% of the full game. Features such as a multiplayer mode, building mechanics, food system and more feature in the studios roadmap for the title.

For Maliyo Games, this is another significant achievement as it cements itself as a strong player in the African mobile space with studio founder, Hugo Obi having recently pitched at Nordic Game. More on that to come on Monday.