Maliyo Games has seen off a competitive field of studios from around the world to join eleven other studios that will pitch to some of the biggest gaming VCs at the upcoming Games Capital Summit as part of Nordic Game.

Leading the pitch for Maliyo will be founder and CEO, Hugo Obi who has positioned the Nigerian studio as one of the more influential outfits from the African continent.

The Games Capital Summit enables entrepreneurs to pitch their studio and connect with potential investors. Some of the confirmed investors include: Behold Ventures, Bitkraft Ventures and Makers Fund.

The Games Capital Summit focuses on equity funding, which means that the investors are interested in funding companies directly in exchange for shares in business. Each company will have exactly five minutes to deliver their pitch on stage, and then dive into a round-robin style set of meetings with each of the investors.

The twelve finalists are:

Blamorama Games (Sweden)
Botni Vision (Canada)
Clay Token Game Studio (USA/Turkey) (France)
Makea Games (Finland)
Maliyo Games (Nigeria)
Gemelli Games (France)
Riddlebit (Norway)
Roleverse (Finland)
Sloyd (Norway)
Social First (Finland)
Totem (Israel/Cyprus)