Cape Town based brothers, Christopher and Nicolas Bischoff have finally announced a date for their latest project – Stasis: Bone Totem.

What makes BONE TOTEM so unique is its underwater setting, where players will follow the story of Mac and Charlie – a couple who scour the ocean for valuable salvage. However, when they stumble upon an abandoned oil rig in the Pacific Ocean, they discover a secret that Cayne Corporation will do anything to keep hidden.

Mark Morgan joined us again to compose the score, and we had a Hollywood screenwriter (J. Barton Mitchell) pen the screenplay. We also involved a professional studio, Night Rocket Productions, to manage the in-person acting and audio recording. All of the actors are seasoned TV and Film professionals. Don’t worry – Ryan and Glen Cooper also joined us again with a superb performance. You’re gonna love it!

BONE TOTEM will be available on PC, including Steam/Steam Deck, GOG, and EPIC. With support for English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and Italian languages on launch.

The thrilling adventure starts on May 31st!

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