After a favourable initial launch on PC nearly two months ago, Ethiopian Fit, Jaktech, has successfully ported their popular checkers game to mobile on PlayStore. Dama Games is an Ethiopian-inspired checkers game that applies the same rules as with any checkers/draughts game, with the objective of the game being to remove all of your opponent’s pieces from the board.

Dama Games offers you various options to enjoy checkers. You can play against the Computer with varying degrees of difficulty. You can also play against friends by creating a private game and sending the invite to them through a number code or URL link. Once your friend receives the invite, they can use the number code and key it in the JOIN game option on the App. Alternatively, they can click the URL link. Both options work equally well, so your choice will be based on your preference.

Additionally, you can create or join a public game and compete with players worldwide. You can play against other human players in this mode and perfect your skill by learning how different people play checkers globally. Additional features from the game include a leaderboard where you can see how you rank against other players. Lastly, Ethiopian players or people with an Ethiopian phone number can exclusively access the game’s in-game store and spend coins earned from winning matches to purchase and customize their game and user profile with unique pawns, avatars, boards and crowns from the store.

To download the game on Playstore, please visit or click here to enjoy the game on PC.