After an extensive six months of testing to polish up their game, Ethiopian Studio, Enechawet Games have finally launched Guzo Geez. This mobile game teaches the numbers and letters of the Geez language in a fun, playful and engaging way.

Ge’ez is an ancient Semitic language that was once spoken in the area that is now northern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea. It originates from the region encompassing north Ethiopia and south Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. Although Ge’ez ceased to be a commonly spoken language by the 13th century, it continues to be used as the ceremonial language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Religious leaders and scholars study Ge’ez to read and interpret old texts. Ge’ez is also actively spoken within the church community. Students attend Qene Bet (poetry school), where they learn to read, speak and compose new works.

Ge’ez has significantly influenced Ethiopian culture and Enechawet games sought to digitalize the learning process by developing Guzo Geez. Speaking to GIA, CEO Abiy Hailu hailed the educational game as a unique experience commenting, “Ge’ez is an African language with its own number system like the Roman number system (I, II, III, IV). The game aims to educate the public on the Ge’ez number system and promote its use globally.”

Guzo Ge’ez also offers a competitive play experience with a leaderboard system in which the top players will be rewarded. The game is available for download at the Google Play Store. To view more of Enechawet studio’s works, visit their website.