South African Sea Monster continue on their quest to make an impact with Serious games by partnering with Nedbank to release their first game in Roblox.

Taking a lot of inspiration from Tycoon style games, Chow Town empowers players to setup and build a restaurant franchise within the popular gaming space. The restaurant offers a combination of international and uniquely South African foods that the gamer makes and serves to guests. The restaurant then develops as the player unlocks new food tiers and expands their empire – all while learning how to start and grow a business.

“We are delighted to partner with a digitally pioneering bank to develop a game to nurture entrepreneurial skills,” says Glenn Gillis, CEO of Sea Monster. “The game has been designed to appeal to the target group’s gaming interests and, most importantly, drive behaviour change, which is at the centre of our expertise and experience. Thanks to the robust online safety measures offered by the Roblox platform, parents can rest assured their children are safe while learning and having immense fun in Chow Town.”

“We’re constantly pioneering the innovative use of digital technologies to make a positive impact on how consumers use their money,” says Nobanda. “We’re excited about the potential that Chow Town offers to engage with today’s youth to make a real difference in their lives.”

Roblox remains a juggernaut of a platform that resonates with Gen Z players and has been utitlized as a spring board for many brands wishing to connect with a younger audience.

“Nedbank believes that gaming can play a crucial role in nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs with a good understanding of how to manage their financial affairs, which underscores our venture into Roblox,” says Ray Naicker, chief digital officer at Nedbank. “Our economic well-being as a country depends on our ability to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs who can grow startups into viable, job-creating businesses, and Chow Town has been designed to help kick-start that process.”

You can learn a little more about Sea Monster and their long term ambitions, by reading an interview with their CEO, Glenn Gillis here.