Following the positive reception of Chronicles of Wagadu at different stages of game production, Twin Studios have moved to the Alpha 3 testing phase of the African-inspired MMORPG. The Ghana/Berlin-based Studio, spearheaded by Allan Cudicio, had kept fans of the game excited through regular game updates over the months leading to this announcement.

The studio shared the news through their official communication channels, commenting, “We finally launched Alpha-3 of The Wagadu Chronicles, with hundreds of testers who get to discover first-hand the Wagadu World

The announcement also happened on the heels of a video trailer showing the game’s progress from the Alpha-2 test phase. In the trailer, Twin Drums highlights the game mechanics while also giving a glimpse of how the game feels and plays by showcasing different designs and character elements. The trailer also provides gamers with a direct comparison of how the game intends to improve significantly through gameplay adjustment and the addition of new systems.

The Alpha 2 testing of the game occurred late last year, where among other fundamental activities, testers could explore the 5th Era islands, each with unique features, tales, and histories.

Wagadu Chronicles is designed to return to the roots of the role-playing genre, where players represented a role rather than simply maxing out character stats as they play. Players can hone fundamental life skills such as farming, fishing and crafting. It is intended to be played as both an online MMO and a tabletop game, bringing players together offline to further immerse themselves in the environment.

To keep up with the progress, you can follow them on their Twitter handle @WagaduChronicle. They are also still accepting Alpha 3 testers for Wagadu Chronicles.