Anderson aka Tactical Programmer is a developer and YouTuber from Mozambique looking to break into the budding industry. He touches base with GIA on his personal ambitions for self and professional growth.

GIA: What is the state of Mozambique’s game industry?
Tactical Programmer:
Currently, Mozambique’s game industry is pretty much inexistent. There are no video game studios here, at least none that I know of.

GIA: Are there any other developers you are aware of and if so, how do you support each other?
Tactical Programmer:
There are no other developers that I know here in Mozambique, but my brother recently showed me a decent game that someone had published, unfortunately I couldn’t get his name. I believe there are a couple of developers here, but not that many.

GIA: As a person with ambitions to develop your own studio, which platform would you say is the dominant one in Mozambique (PC, mobile etc)?
Tactical Programmer:
Mobile is definitely the dominant platform, because it’s very easy for people to just download free games from the app stores. There’s also a decent number of people who play on console and PC, but I believe it’s much smaller compared to Mobile.

GIA: Could you talk more about any games you have developed and your aspirations within the games industry?
Tactical Programmer:
I’ve made about 5-6 games since I got into game development. The 2 that are most complete are “Midnight Drive” and “Demon Shuriken Master”. I published both of these on the Google Play Store. I’m currently working on my biggest project yet (I’d say it’s way more ambitious than the previous ones hehe, but everything is going well until now), currently the name of the game is Project E, and I share my progress over on my YouTube channel.

GIA: What element of the Mozambique games industry would you say requires a lot of development?
Tactical Programmer:
Like I said before, Mozambique’s game industry is pretty much inexistent. I believe a good way to kickstart Mozambique’s game industry would be to have some kind of event like GDC, where people can share their insights and knowledge of game development, hopefully getting other people interested as well.

GIA: How do you see the Mozambique games industry evolving over the next 1, 5 and 10 years?
Tactical Programmer:
Unfortunately, I don’t have high hopes for the games industry here in Mozambique. Unless we get some kind of recurring event like GDC, the games industry here will remain inexistent.

Speaking of which, you can follow his progress via his YouTube channel. He is also on Twitter.