After a successful beta test, Kenyan Studios, Shauku games and Uso games have collaborated to develop and launch their latest addition to their game collection, Ugali Sosa, a 2D Kenya-inspired game.

Ugali is a type of stiff porridge made by mixing corn meal with boiling water: the primary starch constituent of a meal. Ugali Sosa is a famous phrase among Kenyans, meaning an additional portion of ugali given to a customer after finishing their first share. The game places you in control of the Ugali man, who must eat ugali and meat and avoid eating Banana peels and chilli to score points and proceed to the next level.

The game contains two categories. The levels category contains five levels, each with varying levels of difficulty, which are relatively easy to complete. The second category provides the option of an endless run which offers a more challenging experience where you can eat for as many levels as you can survive. Kenya’s art and culture heavily inspire the game’s overall design and layout. The game further incorporates Kenyan dialogue: providing a humorous yet challenging experience during play.

Shauku Games and Uso game studio share a common goal to revolutionize the narrative of Africa’s rapidly growing game development industry by deploying creative like-minded individuals to construct fun games that resonate with gamers locally and internationally.

The game is currently available for download on Google Playstore.