Algerian outfit, Jana Game Studios has lifted the veil on their latest project – a detective narrative game called Justice Seeker: Unsafe Data.

The studio which was founded by Seifeddine Wassim Haddar has been a stable of the Algerian games industry since 2014 and has worked on and released games for both PC and mobile. They also help to foster new talent by sponsoring and coaching a lot of passionate participants around the country in a new online competition inspired by game jams called ‘Game Craft’

In Justice Seeker, the player inhabits the role of Axel Zakon, a former police detective and now Private Detective, who upon the request of the police is drafed in to aid them in uncovering the mystery of a homicide they can’t quite unravel. Players will also be able to find clues, investigate scenes and interrogate suspects as they attempt to solve the murder of the CEO of the most famous data analysis company in the city, TechDB.

In addition to the reveal, the studio has also opened registration for a closed beta which can be done on their Official Website. The game has been confirmed for PC, but no word on other platforms have yet been unveiled. Neither has any indication of a release date. The title is available to wishlist on Steam now.