Jana Games Studio, which was founded by Seifeddine Wassim Haddar has been a stable of the Algerian games industry since 2014. One of the few professional game studios in the country, they also help to foster new talent by sponsoring and coaching a lot of passionate participants around the country in a new online competition inspired by game jams called ‘Game Craft’ which is organized by the Vision and Innovation Club with their scientific department SPARK.

As a studio, you seem to be making games for both PC and mobile, which is our primary platform and which platform would you say is the dominant one in Algeria?
Yes, we make a lot of games on different platforms we pretty much make games on all platforms, I can’t really tell whether the PC or Mobile are dominants cause for our projects it’s been balanced but I can say that we mainly make PC games sometimes ported to WebGL, but we still make mobile games, most people are using their phones, and most kids or basically anyone who won’t be able to connect to PC or Consoles use their phone for games but I saw over the years that a lot of gamers are interested in PC games so for me, I’d say PC Gamers are the most dominant in Algeria.

As a young studio, how do you manage developing multiple projects such as Dying Byte Survival and recently released Atomica?

We work hard as a Studio and we’re trying to grow over the years that’s why we provide the best we can, and yes we work on multiple projects sometimes titles that are not public yet, but we still try to be active on public projects, I’d say we do manage pretty well and can handle up to 5 ongoing projects.
However Dying Byte Survival has been dropped from development by Jana Games Studios and is fully owned by Heart State Games, we don’t have any connection with the game now for various reasons.

What element of the Algerian games industry would you say requires a lot of development?

Most of the missing elements are the quality and quantity of games, people need to see more games and this time requires well-polished games so I hope we’ll improve on that.

What is next for Jana Game Studios in the coming year?

Jana Games Studios is preparing a new vision for 2022. There will be a lot of announcements and gamers should be expecting great titles that will come back to life again and a new huge title that has been in the development for years. Hopefully it would be another great year with more milestones