South African developer, Function Unknown and developer of Alpha Particle is hard at work on their latest title – Haventrove.

Haventrove is a pixel art ocean diving adventure game about a captain (Captain Skerry) that ended up at a lost island after being caught in a storm. The island is mysterious and is surrounded by fog that prevents anyone from leaving it. Many ships have met their fate by merely finding this island or trying to leave it and as a result the island is littered with undiscovered shipwrecks.

The captain and his crew must dive down and salvage materials and equipment needed to escape the island’s grip. While doing so they will have to deal with the ocean life, extreme depths and the mysterious events surrounding the island.

Haventrove is the studios follow up to sci-fi metroidvania, Alpha Particle and whilst development is coming along the studio is currently

We have a functional map for Haventrove where the player can travel, scan and search for shipwrecks as well as 10+ shipwrecks and several other scenes as well. There are also a few different types of fish schools, tuna and sharks in the game. We have plans for many more scenes including submarines, ruins, caves, mysterious locations and more. Much more sea life coming as well.

Function Unknown

Whilst there is no official confirmation on what platforms will be released, based on the developers previous releases one can expect at least a PC launch.